A MUST FOR: Wrapping machine, F/F/S machine, Blister packing machine, Bag making machine, Biscuit packing machine, Flow pack machine.
An eye for precision: Designed for scanning of registration marks on printed
films used by packaging industry -
is ideally suited for use in Form-Fill-Seal, Wrapping, Bagging or Bagmaking machines.

Salient Features:
No Bulb as light source but green light emitting diode with 1,00,000 hours life
Free from ambient light disturbances High stability & repeatability for once set combination even at low contrasts
Single power supply
Short Voltage 18 to 30 V.D.C.
Short circuit and over current proof
Safety from wrong connections
Directly replaceable to Visolux - RL-4, Datalogic, TL-10 & Sick NT-6.
1 Years Warranty
Specifications: Scanning distance 10mm +/- 2mm size of dash 1.5 - 4.5mm approx.

Microprocessor based Auger Control System. Intelligent system to dispense the product accurately through Auger/Screw dispenser. Dispenses same and accurate quantity throughout the day.
Suitable for using on FFS machines, Stand-alone Auger filling station. Includes hopper control, repeat/ single shot operations, synchronization, production counter, multiple programmes.


The 3-Channel Temperature Scanner/Controller from P.J. Electronics is compact unit housed in a standard 96x192 mm frame size panel mounting box with a depth of 150mm ( cutout size 92x188 mm). It works on 230 V AC,+/- 10% 50Hz Supply. The unit is vertical mounting type and all displays and control keys are located on front. It can be programmed for three different set points, in degree Celsius, for three channels, and control the set temperatures by switching of heaters through external solid state relays. The unit can accept any one type of (prespecified) input feedback as Pt-100 RTD or Thermocouple.
Method of control of temperature will be time proportional type, which can achieve close control on temperature if proper wattages of heaters are selected. Deadband can be programmed separately for each channel. The unit is capable of indicating faults such as faulty sensors, probability of fault in heaters, etc. In case of any fault occurs audio-visual indication is given. Look of this product is very similar to the above shown photograph.

Our product range at a glance:-
Hardware / Software based controllers for various types of PACKAGING MACHINES (Liquid / Powder / Solids)
Optical Sensors: Reflective / Toughbeam
Digital & Standard Temp. Controller
R.P.M. / Batch Counters
Custom built controllers for industrial automation
Correction logic systems for vertical and horizontal types of packaging machines.

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