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HI-TECH.... its a word that every other organisation uses to describe itself. So do we, but with a difference.Our technology is what empowers many organisation to become hi-tech.We are into the revolutionary field of IMAGE PROCESSING and DIGITAL PROCESSING. A Field that has remained unexplored all over the World. Simply because the appropriates expertise is scarce. And, we are the few who posses it.

Today, we have filled the gapping void in advanced electronics, with the introduction of technology that serves within the nation and abroad too. That is how reckoned names have been able to improve upon the quality of Industrial product, fine-focus investigation, assist hazard-free medical techniques and analyse biomedical signals. The application areas are constantly on the rise. And our expertise in customised packages makes progres simpler and better.

What is more, we even take upon ourselves to impact our knowledege and spread this science far and wide. Consultancy and software tools for training and workshops are important to us, just as important is our R&D; which provides for more and more applications.

(A) Image Proccessing
  1. Laboratory Training Software in Image Processing

  2. Imaging work station

  3. CCD Camera:colour & monochrome with Lenses.

  4. CFG-512-1 Colour Frame Grabber.

  5. PC Vision Image Processing Software.

  6. Memory X-Ray Image System.

  7. Metallurgical Image Analysis.

  8. Sign Base:Signature Verification Software.

  9. Leaf Area Meter.

  10. Software For Automobile Industry.

  11. Software For Hair-Dye Analysis.

  12. Explosion Analysis.

  13. Customisation Of Any Other Visual Insepction Application.

(B) Digital Siginal Processing:
  1. Customised DSP based solution on different applications in the field like vibration analiysis, medical data filtering, power harmonics analysis,correct measurment of UPS efficiency etc.

  2. DSP cards based on latest dsp processing from Analog Devices & Texas.

  3. Training software in DSP.


Imaging experts and capable of giving complete solution in any imaging application some of which are listed above.

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