ART INDIA is a prominent professionaly managed highly focused & rapidly expanding Architectural Company with excellent record,operating in the field of Model Making & Perspective illustrations in all over India & abroad.
As you are aware, Architects, Engineers, Project Consultants etc. the design people transfer ideas into lines of drawings on paper. We at ART INDIA transfer these lines precisely into a Three Dimensional Shape in miniature which can be understood even by a Lay-man.
Today Models all over the world are being made in acrylic or mound board. Acrylic gives you a better end product-perfect finish, bright and even colors and overall look for better craftmanship - absolutely flawless.
Intricately cut by sophisticated machines of our own design, shaped out of acrylic pieces our models have not only won acclaim but also appreciation from Architects, builders and projec consultants of India and abroad, enabling us to be in their credential lists.