Our Other Activities

Indian Software Co. is on the cutting edge of Website Design. Through our graphic and programming expertise, augmented with a large dose of creativity, we will effectively provide you with an enviable presence on the World Wide Web, no matter how simple or intricate your needs may be. Our Website Design Team takes pride in implementing all segments of site creation and maintenance. These include:

  • Advanced HTML programming
  • Web-friendly corporate/product logo design
  • Interactivity
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Java scripting
  • Data capture and Database programming


Indian Software Co. assures you in providing the ultimate in Website Hosting service. From the beginning we will work closely with your company to insure an effortless entree on the World Wide Web. We will secure for you an individual Domain Name to help establish your unique Web presence. Our state of the art equipment, will transmit your site's information around the globe to any Web Surfer at the quickest possible speed available anywhere! We offer a variety of Website Hosting options, all catered to fit your needs. A typical setup might include:

  • Registration of your domain name
  • Fast line access
  • Disk Space allottment for storage

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